Keywords Planner -How to Plan SEO Long Tail Keywords

Perfect Keyword Research Tool like Keyword Planner to track SEO data.

Here is an awesome tool called K-meta keyword research tool for accurate and fast search of keywords you get wonderful results for your keyword planning and for all of your search engine optimization oriented research tasks.

This tool provide the data based on how people react like understanding the consumer behavior with search engines, here you can discover unlimited number of keywords with high search volume and with less competition which is being updated regularly and the main thing is those keywords are not being used by many SEO’s and by your competitors in all niche relevant industries.

You know normally small keywords I mean general keywords have less conversion rate than the long tail keywords. If someone visits your website through a small or general keyword search in Google, they might be searching something what they exactly need and if they could not find then simply move out from your website immediately so your bounce rate will increase. Thus no sales and your ranking in Google also might be affected. But in long tail keywords, the viewers will stay more time on your website because they come through a long tail keyword which describes what they exactly needed. So the conversion rate will be high because those visitors are your targeted visitors/traffic.

This K-meta not only used to plan your long tail keywords also show you to find your domain metrics called as websites semantic score, but you can also easily plan a strategy by comparing your competitors who are in the top ranking. You can see how you and your competitor backlinks make influence on ranking and assist you to build quality backlinks by their backlink tool feature and there are many more interesting features like for On Page Analysis, Site Audits, Local Marketing, Keyword analysis, SERP Rank Tracking, Brand Alerts, Social Analytics, and Competitive Comparisons and. Website Analytics Integration.

Using this keyword planner tool you can identify the most powerful set of keywords which are high performing keywords for your Google rank and traffic also meets your advertisement goal.

Before using this Keyword Researcher, is important that you’ll need to understand to be familiar with the six foundational steps of the zone.

6 Foundational Steps of SEO Keywords Planning

Discover and Import Keywords    

Remove the Bad “Junk” Keywords

You can actually find these steps listed here as well and there is some more information about each one as well as a little-animated presentation about how you researchers solve this issue but we’re going to go over each step very briefly right here as well so we call that our primary goal in search engine optimization is to optimize our website for the search engines name the Google so people in the world type few words into google and we hope that these people will land on our website so our first goal in so is too.

However import the key was that these people are actually typing into their web browser so as you probably where there are many tools for a scale on the web that help you with this step one discovering and importing few words and of course my happy would Keyword Researcher is one of these tools that helps you find import and discover Keywords and that is but one but a lot of people never get much.

Search for the Good Keywords

Organize the Good Keywords into Article Groups

Step one because there are actually several other steps after that and without the right tools many of these steps can be quite tedious for example and step to you have to remove the bad words these are the keywords that you do not want on your website it’s pretty easy to just making a large list of keywords but when you actually go to work with this list of words then it becomes a very fast that your list will contain thousands if not millions of words that you do not need for your websites so the well being clever functions to remove the junk keywords the cues that you don’t want that could be pretty tricky and that’s another thing that keyword researcher helps you with.

Type the Good Keywords into your Web page Article Content

Publish Your Content Online

And step three you have to find various ways to find the good keywords these are the key was that you do we want on your website and Keyword Researcher comes with built in functions to help you with that and then to stepfor you have to organize these keywords into particular groups because if youhave one page on your website talking about both cameras and kittens well does anda very logical group so combining your keywords into logical clusters andfocusing on that close with your given web page is of course a big part of soon page organization and you with researcher helps you with this step as wellyou research you also allow you to create content in the app and this toolwill tell you if your keywords exists in the article content or not and thenwhen your content is all done you can export to wordpress if you want soagain these are the very simple six foundational steps of so no matter whathappens in the future of solar no matter what new tools come out but you stillneed to be comfortable with these six steps primarily this can be summed up asjust being what your potential customers or potential visitors but typing into Google and then making sure your content your web page content.

Next there desired searches that is not shell so now let’s talk about the first part of this process discover how do we however keywords so one way to discover the word is just to seeing what cued up in Google autocomplete so as you type sentences into Google like want to fix a something then you’ll get lots of keywords that pop up in the drop down by and of course if you start typing letters after the sentence after phrase and you’ll get even more keywords as you type greening gotten to seemingly obviously as we keep going through the alphabet we keep discovering more and more keywords and this is the realization that is very valuable and this was the inspiration behind the original construction of keyword researcher.

Because when you’re using the google component this is what Keyword Researcher does every places the last risk with various letters of the alphabet and simply saves that well so let’s go ahead and start up a researcher now so we have the key but researcher running on our computer and just too.

Also some of the many different ways you can use tool we’ve been working on this app for several years now and it’s turned into why do a big program there are many made from ways to use it but that we start off it is by surfing over to the clever base most website and you can see we have this graphic here these six foundational steps of a sealed.

So no matter how far you go through a website no matter how far you go in an SEO you should at least understand was going on in these six steps even if you’d never learn anything else about so it’s beneficial to understand.

we’ll work a pretty well no matter tool you end up using show the actual process is not going to be much different than what your issue here let’s go through this briefly so you can see here on the left we start with step one gather keywords files so whether you used to Google keywords planner or some other tool.

So you need to get a series of files that reflect the queue words that you’re going to sort through and some of which you will end up using on your website and then just tracking as files and pretty much as simple as that you almost always started out with says feed files from the Google keyword planner and of course is a researcher is quite good that digesting those files in step to we remove the junk keywords so no matter what happens you have to decide which few words you do want in which we really do not want on your website. The search tools so you can get specific with your list and search for us that you definitely going to want to target on your website you can see in our video we have a person you carbon and it or low so what this person is able to do is use logical operators to search a list of thousands of few words for a given set of words that he’s looking for so being able to search through a list is obviously a major ask yet with look at step for organized the good Keywords into article groups so once you have an idea.

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